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Where to Find a Cheap Nice Truck

Where to Find a Cheap Nice Truck

When you are trying to find the cheapest trucks for sale, the Internet is full of possibilities. The trouble is deciding where the best place to look is. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of places you can buy cheap trucks.

You wouldn’t automatically think of heading to a dealer to find very cheap trucks. Let’s be honest, most dealers offer the highest prices available on used cars, but there are some possibilities in the market. Some dealers will offer some bargain automobiles that they’ve received as a trade-in or are planning to eventually take to auction. They don’t normally offer the same warranties or perks as their regular sales, but it is worth asking about.
The trick is to do your research on the vehicle prior to heading to the dealer. Then, you’ll know that you are getting the best deal possible.
Another tip is to head to the smaller dealerships instead of the larger, multi-chain locations. The smaller guys are more apt to have what you are looking for and some will even search cheap good trucks for sale on your behalf.
If you are shopping through a dealer, check their website to see if you can browse their inventory from home. This will save you the hassle of driving around or making numerous phone calls to find what you want.
Don’t overlook the rental car companies. Once they replenish their line of inventory, they will sell off the used trucks at affordable rates. Companies like Enterprise have entire websites so you can search through their vehicles that are currently on sale.
Private Sales

There are many ways to find private sellers that are willing to sell the trucks for cheap. Try some of these ideas:
These online classifieds are broken down by location. On Craigslist, you can search for quality vehicles in your area and contact the seller directly. Oftentimes, the prices are negotiable, so you may even be able to get a better rate than what they are asking.
There are even times on Craigslist that people will barter services or goods for an automobile. This is a great option if you can offer a skill in exchange for the truck. It also helps to have the possibility of purchasing a truck without the need of money.
If you are willing to travel a little to get your cheap truck, browse neighboring Craigslist pages as well.
When you are looking to purchase on Craigslist, always follow these simple tips to protect yourself:
Always assume that the person could be trying to scam you.
Meet in public places and have a friend come with you.
Ask for all the records and CarFax report.
Take a test drive, but only after you check the insurance and registration to know it is their truck.
Don’t take cash with you. Instead, meet at the bank after you’ve agreed on the price.
Follow your instincts.
Search Portals
There are numerous online sites that can help you to search for very cheap trucks in your area. Some popular sites to look at are Car Gurus, AutoTrader and Cars Direct. Most of these portals offer ways to narrow down your searches.
You can choose to search a particular truck, specific price range or even a distance from your location. Most sellers will offer multiple pictures and plenty of information to help you make a good decision on if you should make the trip to take a test-drive.
Many dealers also list their vehicles on search portals. This makes it easy to browse the inventory they have without visiting their location.
Remember to take the time and communicate with the seller. This can be done through email or phone number if provided. The more questions and details you work out in advance, the happier you are going to be with the transaction. If a seller is apprehensive about taking the time to ask your questions, they might be up to something.
Newspaper Classifieds
Some people still use the newspaper for advertising, so it would be important to look through your local classifieds the old-fashioned way.
This online auction site is best known for a place to buy cheap everything, but it may not seem obvious that you can find the cheapest trucks for sale there as well. eBay also offers several ways to search for vehicles. You can choose to search brands, price range or by location.
Some of the sales will be done as an auction where the highest bidder wins. Others will be a “Buy it Now” format with the asking price listed. There are even some sellers who allow for the “Best Offer” so don’t be afraid to bargain a little.
On a note of caution, most times when purchasing a vehicle from eBay, you are required to put a deposit on the truck at the end of the auction. This may not be wise if you are making a large purchase and aren’t sure of the seller’s reputation. Always purchase from eBay with caution.
When you are purchasing on eBay, here are some tips to follow:
Narrow the search as precisely as possible.
Do your research on pricing so you don’t spend too much.
Check the seller’s feedback ratings for any complaints.
Call the seller with any questions you might have.
Contact a mechanic where the truck is located and have it inspected.
Get a CarFax report.
Don’t get caught up in the bidding process. Stop at your highest number and don’t go further. There will be another truck.
Remember to factor in all delivery costs or travel expenses to get the vehicle.
Word of Mouth
Don’t overlook the opportunities available by simply talking to people. Oftentimes, putting the word out that you are in the market for cheap good trucks for sale will be enough to bring a seller your way.
In addition, having a common person that knows you and the seller is always a plus when it comes to getting a fair price.

Many dealers will take their trade-in vehicles to local auctions. When they are open to the public, this can be a good time to score a cheap truck. Keep in mind that buying at an auction can be a huge money-saver or it can be detrimental. You generally don’t get the opportunity to inspect the vehicles before purchase. The sale will be as-is and you will not receive any form of warranty.
If you decide to head to the auction, here are some tips to help:
Don’t purchase something that needs more work than you can handle.
Don’t be scared away by cosmetic imperfections. That vehicle could be completely mechanically sound.
Check the VIN and make sure they match on the windshield, stickers and trunk.
Research the car values before bidding.
Watch the bidders to determine if there are some just trying to up the price.
Don’t get carried away with the bidding. There will be another truck if that one doesn’t work out.
Salvage Yards
Heading to your local salvage yard isn’t just for parts. While it is a great location to find quality parts for low-prices, it is also a great resource when looking for where to buy cheap trucks.
Before you purchase from the Salvage yard, here are some tips:
Learn about all the damage on the truck.
Research all the steps needed to purchase from a yard.
Take a mechanic with you if possible to give the truck a look.
Look for cars that were a victim of theft. Many times these aren’t damaged but were salvaged by the insurance company.
Research the yard you are buying from to ensure they have a good reputation.
Before Purchasing that Cheap Truck

Even though your budget is tight, you still want to spend your money wisely. Here’s a list of things you want to look for before making that purchase. This will ensure that your truck will last as long as possible.
Look at the body of the vehicle for any obvious misalignment or signs of accidents.
Inspect for water damage or rust. This includes the components underneath the vehicle.
Check the tires for wear.
Look for wear or cracks in the hoses and belts.
Remove the oil cap to look for signs of foaming residue. This can be a sign of a leaky head gasket.
Check transmission fluid. It should be pink or red.
Try all the controls to ensure they work. Make sure you inspect the heating and air-conditioning systems.
Ensure that there are no warning lights on the dash.
Test drive the vehicle to ensure nothing seems damaged.
It is always wise to use a mechanic for inspection when possible. For more tips on how to buy a pickup truck – check out this YouTube video.

It is possible to find a quality, cheap truck. The key is to have patience and take the time to do your research. When all the proper steps are taken, you are sure to find a truck you love at a price you can bear.