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Looking for New Box Trucks For Sale ? There are many pros and cons to obtaining new box trucks, in this article we will review those reasoning.

Pros of Buying New Box Trucks

# 1 Client May Order Custom Features & Elements
When ordering new box truck , the user may order specific elements such as height and weight limit. In addition, the user may select the features such as : Lift gate or garage door.

A. Garage Door Barn Doors
One of the important features  of new box truck is the door selection. Some box trucks have Standard pull-up door while other box trucks have barn doors. The barn doors is better options for users that make frequent stops and therefore open and close the door numerous times throughout the day.

B.Weight Limit
It is important to consider that like any other vehicle a box truck has its weight limit ( just like human beings, too bad that we cannot divide our weight when we exceed our weight limit ) Now, unlike human beings, when box trucks exceed their weight limit the load has to be divided in two or get a bigger truck or even a semi if the load happens to be too big.

C. Box Length 
A box truck can come in different sizes . The most common size is 24 ft box truck. The other truck lengths is 17 ft , 26 ft and 28 ft. The longer trucks are usually used for lighter loads such as mattress.  If a truck is 26 ft or 28 ft and the load is heavier type of material such as stone or paper , the truck would be overweight. Going over the CDL limit would require a CDL License or additional axle.

D. Box Height 
It is important to consider the height of the truck. The smaller box trucks are around 6 feet tall while the bigger trucks are over 8 feet tall inside the box. Total height is 13′ 6″ usually translate into inside height of 8 feet.

A box truck has long been called so many names like: cube truck, cube van,or straight truck. Most of the time they have like a garage door that rolls up. On others the cargo can be accessed through a small door. But it has been labeled as a labor intensive cargo van.

A box truck has a chassis or cab that attaches to the box that holds the cargo. The most common
manufacturers are Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet. The companies that most of the time market the
medium duty cab/chassis are Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso and Nissan. These are used as platforms
for box trucks. These trucks can range from Class 3 to Class 7 . Their gross vehicle weight
ranges from 12,500 to 33,000 lb).Though now a days a Class 8 is the one that is most commonly
used to transport heavy cargo, they range from a 18- wheeler to smaller mobile trucks that
normally fall under the category of a medium duty truck.

Box trucks are also normally used by companies that wish to transport furniture, heavy appliances, or
heavy machinery. Companies like U-Haul or Nissan rent them.

On another note it is important for a transportation company to have different sizes available so that the clients needs can be met adequately.


According to Section 127 of title 23 of the United States Code, the weight requirement for
vehicles to be able to operate are; 20,000 pounds for a single axle, and 34,000 pounds
gross weight which is the maximum according to the Federal Bridge Formula. You have to
always make sure that you are doing everything right according the laws and regulations
that have been stated in regards to weight limit because if not you may be have to pay
penalties and that is just not good for business. Now you may have the option of leveling
the weight but that will cost you more money due to the fact that you will have to pay your
drivers extra hours and also you have to remember an important factor and that is when as
a business you get fined then that affects your safety ratings, so therefore that would be
taking too many risks. Hence the importance of buying the right box truck that fits your
needs as a freight company.

In many ways box trucks have the feature of making the loads more manageable while
keeping the cargo safe from climate change and the environment in general. Box Trucks
can also transport food, books, newspapers or magazines, home decor, in short things that come in boxes.

Positive Aspects Of A Box Truck

Box trucks are generally used for local transportation. The reason is that they are easier to manage than
a large semi. This truck will give you better gas mileage and it will save you money on gasoline
consumption, plus it is perfect to operate in heavy trafficked areas or even in narrow areas.

On another note though it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you get a Commercial
Driver’s License due to the fact that your driver would be operating at the same time that the commercial vehicles are operating but that depends on each state’s legal requirements.

Negative Aspects Of A Box Truck

As there are good points to box trucks as everything in life but there are also bad. The first
negative aspect of a box truck is it has a lower capability to carry freight due to it’s size. But this
may not be an issue to your customers if your dock is closed or if you have a large fleet. Box Trucks
are larger than an automobile. Another thing to take into account is to make sure that your driver’s
feel confident and comfortable driving this type of Truck.

Another aspect to understand it is the fact that the use of a box truck will affect your deliveries,
because they are lower from the ground to the floor than the average semi truck, most docks
are made for larger trucks. But on the other hand there are some special ramps to accommodate
smaller box trucks.

Keeping Your New Box Truck In Good Order

It is of extreme importance that you maintain your Box Truck in a good shape like any other vehicle or equipment that you have in your inventory. A well maintained box truck will save you money in the future.

Another factor to take into account is when it is time conduct an inspection on your box truck. Some of these should be done on most stops while on others you just have to follow the normal routine schedule.

But here are some basic aspects that check out when conducting a inspection:

Check the trucks mirrors ( make sure that you have them in the position and they spotless because this will affect your driver’s view and therefore their safety when driving).

Check the trucks exhaust ( be sure that there are no leaks ) Check the fluids ( see if the truck needs an oil change, transmission, windshield liquid, and the truck radiator. It never hurts to be extra cautious after all it is in your best
interest as a freight company that your driver’s work with the best well kept box trucks, otherwise again, it will cost you money in the future and this time it may be medical bills which are one of the most expensive to pay for and not to mention if a member of your crew decides to sue or even your client because his product did not arrive in time,
so I cannot stress enough the importance of being extra careful and checking absolutely every part of your fleet of box trucks

Check the trucks lights ( the headlights, taillights, running lights and blinkers )
Check the trucks tires ( if they have wear or tears, how is their tread depth and
of course their air pressure ) If the tires of your trucks have any of these issues
that I mentioned then you are in big trouble, because it is an accident waiting
to happen, and like I mentioned earlier it will cost you a huge amount of
money to pay for your drivers medical bills but I am going to go even into a
more dire situation, your driver may die in the potential accident, so therefore
this very thing can make things even worse because it is not just medical bills now,
you may even have to pay for your drivers burial, or another thing to consider
is that your drivers family will be extremely angry and rest assure that they will
sue you. So yes, I am using an scare tactic. But what I am trying to do is for you
to think about every scenario as extreme as you may think that they are.
Make sure that your insurance is payed for and that it covers everything that you
need to covered for. Make sure that every truck is covered.
Make sure that you have the best health insurance for your drivers that you can afford paying for because if you do not it will make your costs higher. I understand lowering health coverage it might be the first thing as a freight company that you may cut down on to save costs, but you may want to reconsider, due to the fact that it will cost you far more in the long run.

Buying A Used Box Truck

I understand that buying a used truck it may be cost effective for you as a freight company.
But what you have to consider is that the fact that it will cost you much more to maintain
than a new box truck.

You may have to inspect the truck a lot more times than a new truck. So, time is money, the more
time that you spend inspecting your truck the more money that it will cost you and it may also cost you clients.

Now like any other vehicle, the older the car, the harder it will be to find the parts needed when
the vehicle malfunctions.

These are factors to consider when buying a used box truck. You also may want to think about if it is
worth it. If it is the worth it to go through the trouble.

Now another thing to think about is that a new box truck has the factory warranty. Make sure that
when you make the purchase that the warranty it is one that you can work with. The downside
of buying from a private seller is that most of the time they will not give you a warranty.

Also if you decide to purchase a used box truck you may want to ask for it’s driving and
maintenance history. Also ask for the truck to be inspected from head to toe.

Overall it is a great decision to add a box truck to your fleet.