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Hino Box Trucks

Are you in the market for a medium-duty hino box truck or heavy-duty hino box trucks ?  If so, you are making the right decision. The hino box trucks are hard-working, reliable, and provide good value. For many decades, the Hino Box trucks provided good fuel economy, A Rated reliability,  as well as low maintenance requirements.

In this article, you will find some history of the Hino Box trucks, some features, specifications and nuances of the Hino Box trucks. In addition, there are some comparisons of the types of Hino Box trucks available on the market today.


Hino Box Trucks

The Hino Motor Corporation began in the year 1942, as an automobile manufacturer.  The headquarters of the Hino Corporation is in Hino-shi, Tokyo, Japan.  The company derived its’ name after the Japanese city “Hino-shi”, Tokyo, where the company began.  The Hino Motor Corporation has been manufacturing vehicles ever since the second world war.

These vehicles were used by the Imperial Japanese Army during the war.  Hino began manufacturing trucks in 1946 for retail sale.  The first type of truck they produced was a heavy-duty diesel truck.  This truck was the TH10.  In 1950, Hino Motor Corporation became known as the Hino Diesel Industry Company.

In 1950, Hino Diesel Industry Company manufactured the largest motor engine that had ever been available in the Japanese market, until that time.  This large engine was a 7-liter DS10 Diesel engine, and was placed in the heavy-duty TH10 truck. The TH10 had a large wheelbase at 190 inches, and was also used in the BH10 bus, which was manufactured around the same time.  The BH10 bus had the same chassis and nose-shape as the TH10 truck.hino box trucks

Many improvements were made to the TH10 truck over the next several years, as consecutive models appeared on the market.  Consecutive models included the TH11, TH12, TH13, TH14, TH15, TH16, and TH17.  In 1956, a new model appeared on the Japanese market.

It was called the TA10, and included the more modern and even stronger DS30 engine.  The new vehicle also had a shorter wheelbase, which aided in the truck’s ability to have better maneuvering capabilities.  The trucks were becoming easier to handle with each new model, and that helped boost sales for the Hino Diesel Company.

After toying around with the production of private cars for a number of years, Hino decided to cease private car production and join the Toyota Corporation.  In 1967, Hino became a subsidiary of the Toyota Group.  Hino is joined by 15 other companies that are also subsidiaries of the Toyota Corporation.

Hino’s main function soon became the manufacturing of medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks.  Today, Hino is the number one manufacturer of medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks in Japan, and they rank third among truck manufacturers around the world.

Features of Hino Box Trucks

Hino Box trucks have a lot of wonderful features, especially if you are in the market for a hard-working truck that is easy and comfortable to drive, and is very reliable.  Hino Box trucks are known for their strong engines, steel construction, and supreme maneuverability.

The cabs of Hino Box trucks are available in standard format or in a crew cab format.  This option is useful depending on how many people will be in the truck on a regular basis.  The seats are comfortable and supportive, and the windows are wide for easy viewing.

There are options for power windows and power locks, as well as a keyless, remote entry option, which is a nice addition.      The Hino Box trucks have a tight-turn radius, which provides them with the ability to turn in very tight spaces, such as cul-de-sacs, busy streets, or in alleyways.  The trucks are equipped with a minimum 30-gallon fuel tank, which is rear-centered for safety and convenience.

The engine is built for providing maximized performance and being very fuel efficient.       The Hino Box Hybrid truck editions contain the Hino proprietary Selective Catalytic Reduction technology than helps lower emissions in to the environment.  The statistics show about an 80% reduction compared to other vehicles of similar size.

This advancement has moved Hino trucks in to a category all by itself, as it has become the leader in commercial hybrid truck manufacturing.         Hino Box trucks are built so well, that they are backed by outstanding 5-year/200,000-mile warranties, or more.  They are known for their frame strength and their tough durability, as well as their appeal of comfort and value.

Top Advantages of Hino Box Trucks

These are the reasons why Hino Box trucks are ranked so high among medium-duty and heavy-duty work trucks around the world. -Types of Hino Box Trucks     There are three main types of Hino Box trucks; the Cab-Over trucks, the Conventional trucks, and the Hybrid trucks.  -Cab-Over Trucks      The Cab-over trucks are available in four different models; 155, 155DC, 195, and 195DC.

The cab-over trucks are built with the cab-over the 210-horsepower turbo diesel engine.  The vehicles have an Aisin A465, 6-speed automatic transmission, and are stronger than most any other trucks in their category.  The cab-over trucks are built with comfort and ergonomically- correct technology, and are superb on safety ratings and maneuverability functionality.

The cabs are standard or DC, which means “double cab”.  The DC versions of the cab-over trucks fit up to seven adults. -Conventional Trucks     The Conventional trucks are available in a number of models, including; 238, 258LP, 258ALP, 268, 268A, and the 338.       If you are in the market for a delivery truck that will provide extra-large storage space, then the Hino Conventional 238 truck is a great choice.

The 238 has a large cubic capacity, and is equipped with a B50 engine, which provides more than adequate power to serve as a supreme delivery truck, among other things.  This version is built for durability, maneuverability, and easy function.      The Conventional 258 series is a wonderful choice for urban functionality.  The 258LP and the 258ALP stand for “low profile platform”, with the additional “A” of the 258ALP representing an additional air brakes system.  This truck ranks among the best performers in its’ class.

The Hino Conventional 268 truck is best known for having the lowest cost for ownership in its’ class.  This truck is perfect for moving operations, pickup and delivery operations, and for providing rental or lease options.  The 268 truck is built for having great fuel economy, reliability, and holding its’ value over the years and over the miles.

The 338 series

The 338 series box truck is one of the Hino Conventional trucks. It has been awarded the ATD Truck of the Year.  This version of conventional trucks is built with superior quality. The Hino 338  is used in multiple industries.

The following  industries use this truck are; utility companies, construction companies. Additional examples are  waste/recycling companies, beverage/food delivery companies, and petroleum/gas companies.

The Hino Conventional 338 truck is extraordinary in strength, style, and function.

Hybrid Trucks     In 2011, Hino began making Hybrid trucks, in order to obtain an environmentally-friendly truck series.  The trucks in this series are the 195h, and the 195hDC.  As mentioned earlier, the DC version of this truck means “double cab”, which states that the cab has the ability to hold up to seven adults, comfortably.

This hybrid version of the Hino Box trucks was created solely in the United States, and has become so popular that Hino is now seen as the leader of commercial trucks with a hybrid engine.  The 195h series has a hybrid system with a Ni-MH battery, as well as a 30-gallon fuel tank.  This version is known as a Diesel-Electric Hybrid cab-over commercial truck.  This is a perfect choice for people who need a commercial truck, but also aim to be friendly towards the environment.

Why Choose a Hino Box Truck?

You may wonder why you should choose a Hino Box truck over other competitors?  The reason is simple.  Hino has years of experience, provides amazing warranty on their trucks, has successfully earned their top place in Japan and around the world as a leader in the commercial truck industry, and they have a wide variety of vehicles from which to choose.  In the United States, Hino trucks are becoming more and more popular.

Japanese Made in America 
Hino Trucks are constructed in the assembly plant in Williamstown, West Virginia. Additional manufacturing locations are California, Arkansas, and in Ontario, Canada.  Hino also has a distribution center in Ohio.     In conclusion, Hino Motors is a growing company that deserves a lot of respect.  Since the early 1940’s, they have been making trucks of various models and have made many noticeable improvements and advancements.

The hino box trucks are built for strength, durability, reliability, and style.  If you are in the market for a medium-duty box truck or heavy-duty work truck that you can count on and that will hold its’ value for a very long time, then the Hino Box truck is the perfect choice for you.