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Freightliner Box Trucks For Sale

You are in the market for freightliner box truck ? Freightliner box trucks are extremely reliable. The freightliner box trucks use top of the line in-cab components. For Instance, the cab would most of the time would be all power windows and doors. In addition, the cd player would be state of the art and would replace the old fashion radio. There are few options when selecting a Freightliner box truck.

Types of Freightliner Box Trucks

Freightliner M2 – Business Class

The Freightliner M2 was first introduced in 2002. Freightliner now celebrating 15 years of M2 production. The M2 came after the FL series that was first introduced in 1990. However, the medium duty M2 was improved and redesigned over the years. Currently, many consider the M2 as the king of the medium duty box trucks. The only one to challenge freightliner in the heavy duty category is kenworth box trucks.

The Freightliner M2 is state of the art truck. It includes top tier air brakes as well as air horn. Both of those features are extremely important to the trucker’s safety.

The freightliner M2 was first introduced with Mercedes-Benz MBE900 4- and 6-cyl. diesel engine. However, this engine was a dry sleeve application and made it almost impossible to rebuild. This engine was replaced by the Caterpiller C7. The C7 is now present in about 70% of the M2 units.Freightliner M2 moving body

The M2 is used in various applications. The Most popular application would be the Freightliner M2 School Bus. This application boosted the M2’s market share. This category was dominated by the international’s yellow bird.  The M2 is used used as ambulance providing a lot of horse power with a short chassis.

In this category the frieghtliner M2 pushed Ford out of the leading top spot.  Last but not least, the M2 is extremely popular among moving and delivery companies. The M2 sports the morgan box. It addition, the M2 has the low profile edition for the moving and hauling industry.

Freightliner box truck with sleeper

Freightliner Box trucks may come with sleeper or extended cab. Those units are scarce and are in large demand. The Freightliner box truck with sleeper is used by expediters. Those companies utilize the powerful M2 engine with the continence of a sleeper for their OTR long hauls.

26 ft box truck with liftgate

Most of the M2 are equipped with 26 ft box truck. On top of the large box truck , most freightliner m2 trucks has powerful anothony liftgate. The powerful engine assist the liftgate. The liftgate ‘s capacity would reach 3000 lbs.

28 ft box truck for sale

The other unique freightliner m2 box truck is the 28 footer. While those units are not very common, they are a great asset for moving and delivery companies. Many box truck manufactures don’t attempt to install a 28 ft box truck since the engine simply cannot take the heavy burden. However, the M2 is handling a fully loaded 28 foot box with ease. It has a payload of 12,000 lbs on non-CDL class. On the CDL class the payload will go up to 19,000 lbs, which is very impressive for medium duty box truck.