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Box Trucks in New Jersey

New Jersey is located in the Northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. It is a peninsula that is on the north and east closes to the state of New York and on the east, southeast, and south close to the Atlantic Ocean, and also on the west by the Delaware River and Pennsylvania, and on the southwest by the Delaware Bay. New Jersey is the 11th most populated state. It is the third-wealthiest state.

New Jersey was first inhabited by the Native Americans for more than 2,800 years. One of the tribes that were living there were the Lenape. The Dutch and the Swedes were the first European settlements in the early 17th century. When the English seized control of that region, they decided to name it the Province of New Jersey after the largest of the Channel Islands. New Jersey was the battle ground of several great battles during the American Revolutionary War in the 18th century.

In the 19th century when the Industrial Revolution began there were a few factory cities that helped the growth of this era and those were: Camdem, Paterson, Newark, Trenton, Jersey City, and Elizabeth. Because of New Jersey’s location at the center of the Northeast megalopolis, that is between Boston and New York City to the northeast, and Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C., and to the southwest, and this very fact fueled the rapid growth of the process of suburbanization in the second half of the 20th century. On the 21st century, New Jersey’s cultural consolidation began by having a diverse populace toward a more urban setting and by having towns with a commuter rail stations and it outpaced the population growth of the automobile industry since 2008.

Also New Jersey it is a long and beautiful coastline that has made New Jersey a popular vacation destination, with over 50 seaside resort towns including Asbury Park, Atlantic City and Cape May. Its tourism is the second-largest industry in New Jersey.

Today, New Jersey it has an area of a wide industrial diversification, and it also known as the Crossroads of the East. Products from over 20,000 manufacturers can be delivered overnight to 100 million people. The main industry from where New Jersey gets its main income is chemicals; New Jersey has one of the most important research centers in the world. Many large oil refineries are located on the north side of New Jersey. Other important products that New Jersey has become the main manufacturer of are : pharmaceuticals, instruments, machinery, electrical goods, and apparel.

This city it is also one of the main producers of fresh food products. They have productive farmlands that cover about 790,000 acres, and 16.7% of New Jersey is land area. This state has a high level of production of almost all garden vegetables, as well as blueberries, cranberries, and peaches. Poultry, dairy products, and seafood are also top commodities.

Due to this important fact, New Jersey is another place where freight companies can bloom and become extremely profitable due the high demand that this city has for their products to be transported to its respective buyers. There is also a high demand for local deliveries due to the fact that New Jersey and its nearby cities has a high level of restaurants, bars, hotels, markets, retail stores etcetera.

Now, if you are looking to expand your fleet, then due to the high demand of local deliveries as I mentioned previously purchasing a box truck as an addition to your fleet is an excellent idea. Because you will have make constant deliveries and you will need a truck that can fit in the narrow streets that most of the time New Jersey has.

Now if you are a new business that is trying to grow then you have to remember that you have to make sure that your driver’s have a Commercial Driver’s License and also be sure that the insurance policy of each truck that you have in your fleet is current because it is best to bes covered on every possible situation due to the fact that New Jersey is one of most populated cities in the country and there is a high chance of something happening from a minor accident to a not so minor incident. Even if it is not your drive’s fault and even if he is an excellent driver, the fact is that the other driver that he encounters may be terrible at it.

Now the same rules apply when trying to find the best box truck for your fleet. You must think about what type of engine would work best for you. A diesel engine would definitely make your truck last a lot longer than an engine that requires gasoline. But in matters of expense it does not really matter whether you choose to purchase a gasoline or diesel engine due to the high cost of oil.

Another main factor is to consider how much money are you willing to pay and that will tell you whether you can afford buying a new box truck or if it would be best for you to purchase a used truck. It also depends on which risks are you willing to take, because as you know every used truck or vehicle at some point has its issues. So, you are going to have to keep in mind that if you decide to purchase a used box truck, you would have to set aside a budget for repairs.

Which I can assure you at some point you are going to have to make. Now, when you purchase used vehicles or trucks, you will not be given a guarantee, so if by any chance the truck has some major unforeseen issues, then you are going to have to pay for those repairs, hence the issue of not having a buyers guarantee. So, the best thing for you to do before you decide to purchase is for your mechanic to check that truck from head to toe and then ask the seller that you would like to drive the truck to see if this is the right choice for you. Always, and I mean always make sure that before you make an investment, that it is the right box truck for your company’s needs.

Another very important factor to consider is how often would you be using this specific truck. This is something that you may want to think about due to the fact that it will help you decide whether to buy a used or new box truck. If you are going to be using that truck everyday all day, then I seriously suggest that you truly consider purchasing a new box truck with a diesel engine.

You may also want to look into your client’s needs, because that will help you decide which extra features you would want for your truck to have. For instance, if most of your clients are in the gardening business then you may want to consider buying a truck that can store that kind of equipment. And also, be sure to know which brand do you trust the most because it is wise to buy something that you know it works and that you trust its capability.

Now in regards with choosing the right dealership you would have to check the quality of the trucks that they are selling. And even look into their customer service reviews to see how the attend to their clients after they have purchased from them because a lot of truck dealerships may have great sellers but terrible customer service representatives. And that very fact makes reviews a very important factor to consider. So, it is not just about finding the right seller, it also about finding the right dealership that has a great customer service quality on all fronts.

One common mistake buyers make is that they choose to go to a car dealership than a truck dealership, and so, they find themselves with the fact that the car dealership they went to has a low selection of trucks to choose from and because of this important issue; you may want to go to a truck dealership instead of a car dealership because as we all know, time is money because you will be taking time out of your business hours to make this purchase.

So, when you go to a truck dialership the seller can customize your needs in order to find the right truck for you. Plus, you will be able to have access to specialized technicians that have an extensive experience working with medium-duty trucks and you can rest assure that you can entrust your investment to their qualified staff.

And if you happen to have at some point some kind of problem there is a higher chance for this kind of sellership would most definitely understand what you are going through because they deal with businesses like yours on a daily basis. I believe it is of a high importance for you to build a healthy business relationship with the truck dealership that wish to buy from because in a city like New Jersey there is a high demand for businesses to have their repairs done at a fast pace and also you have to feel like you can trust its employees and you know that they are being 100% honest with you, after all you are entrusting them your livelihood.

Another thing that you can do to help you choose the right truck dialership is to do a kind of survey. Talk to your customer’s, driver’s, seller’s and even your competitor’s and ask them which sellership they do business with and if they are happy with the service they have been given throughout the years. In short, the more information you are able to gather, the better it will be help you make the right decision for you and your business. Remember a bad purchase can really hurt your business.